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Youth to Business Career Fair (Y2BCF)

Unlock Your Future, Own Your Tomorrow

About the Event

Youth to Business Career Fair (Y2BCF) allows youth to connect with industry leaders through networking opportunities, engaging in corporate-held workshops and learning about what it takes to be a leader in the workforce. The topics range from entrepreneurship, work equality, leadership and more. 

For students who are in third-year looking for internship and fourth-year or graduates looking for a job placement have the opportunity to apply for the positions that will be listed by our company partners that are recruiting.

Y2BCF Key Activities

Keynote Sessions

Topics include; "Equality in the Workplace", "Human Resource's View on Unemployment", "Utilising the Potential of Innovation" and "Integrate Your Field of Expertise into Business Industry".

Panel Discussion

Our topic is Breaking the Stereotype: Influential Women in STEM whereby female panellists will be discussiong on controversial stereotypes regarding women's career pathway and how to stand-out among a gender-stereotyped worlplace.


Hands on workshops and idea generation space. Sessions include; "Polishing Your Resume", "Master Your Voice in Social Entrepreneurship'" and "Acing Your Next Interview".

Career Coaching

Provides insights, advice, feedback, counsel and coaching in the mentioned field. Platinum Package participants has the privilege to attend our Career Coaching Session on the topic "Making Your Resume Stand Out" which will be conducted in a closed space.

Opportunity Booths

Introducing available company opportunities and career options such as an internship or a job placement. Delegates will be able to submit their resume and upon passing the screening stage, interview will be conducted by the company representatives on 17th December.

Networking Event

Engagement between both corporate and delegates, to get a better inward connection and understand the working environment of different companies.

Fee Breakdown

Gold Package

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Networking Event
  • Panel Discussion
  • Workshop
  • Career Opportunity

Platinum Package

RM 10
  • Gold Package
  • Career Coaching Session

Company Partners

Media Partners

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Youth Programme Executive

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Hansreet Bhullar

Youth Programme B2C Marketing Executive

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