Business as YOUTHsual

We present to you AIESEC in Sunway’s first-ever case study competition.

This case study on SMEs will help YOU gain relevant industry knowledge and interpersonal skills by building meaningful networks and learning from experienced mentors, all while impacting real Malaysian businesses!

Be sure to also keep up with our socials for up-to-date information as well as timeline changes!

Registration’s starting real soon, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss! If you have any questions, do contact us @pikabel on Telegram.


23 Jan 2022


AIESEC in Sunway

Days till event

The event is finished.

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Hourly Schedule

8th January 2022 ‒ Launch of preliminary round and induction night

9th January 2022 ‒ 1st keynote session begins

12th January 2022 ‒ 1st workshop session begins

14th January 2022 ‒ Submission deadline for preliminary round video

15th January 2022 ‒ Preliminary round evaluations and result announcement

20th January 2022 ‒ Start of finals and the launch of 2nd keynote session

21st January 2022 ‒ Mentor-mentee sessions begins

23rd January 2022 ‒ 2nd workshop session begins

29th January 2022 ‒ Live presentation of the announcement of winners